Consultants & Trainers from the Private and Nonprofit Sectors with System Solutions to Guide Your Organization toward a Successful and Sustainable Future

501 Navigation is a first of its kind partnership to bring blended nonprofit and private sector strategies and tactics to bear on funding, program evaluation and outreach.

Carolyn Owens, Ed Dunin-Wasowicz and Soaring Hawk help organizations chart a coordinated sustainable course for the future with varied revenue streams, strengthened organizational structures, strategic planning, programmatic efficiency and increased impact for their brand in the communities they serve.

In addition to its three principals, 501 Navigation also offers the advantage of a network of associations with other key consultants and trainers.

Just as a sextant (pictured above) is used to measure the angle between two visible objects to calculate one’s position on a nautical chart, a nonprofit must use all the tools at its disposal to calculate all the possible angles that lead to sustainability.

In this day and age of greater accountability to funding sources, 501 Navigation can give nonprofits a 360-degree view of themselves and the environment in which they operate allowing them to capitalize upon key opportunities.

The New Economy of today demands that nonprofits be resourceful, nimble and open to change, foreseeing changes to their organization, creating new alliances to succeed, and acting on what they learn. With diminishing grants, increasing community need, and other economic challenges, 501 Navigation goes beyond “one size fits all” solutions. Each voyage to success requires its own unique map.

Whether your organization battles poverty, administers health services, works to prevent substance abuse, grows food for the hungry, or otherwise increases the quality of life in a community, 501 Navigation’s 360-degree Consultancy services will be tailored to your unique needs.

Call today for a complimentary initial consultation, or contact us for our assessment instrument to get a fix for your proper course. Our wraparound services will help you turn around your nonprofit with real results in a new direction for your sustainable future.