501 Navigation offers the following comprehensive,
categories of direct services for nonprofits:


STRATEGIC PLANNING of feasibility studies, deliverance of strategic planning seminars and retreats; providing technical assistance to agencies to review and refine mission statements; development of quantifiable goals, objectives, and performance indicators; and implementation of strategic plans.

PROGRAM ANALYSIS with extensive experience in the design, collection, and analysis of national, regional and local educational data, and the knowledge, skills, and ability to design and conduct evaluation of national education systems and education programs.

EDUCATION POLICY GUIDANCE for thorough theoretical and practical understanding of the operation of national educational system data and statistics, with an emphasis on primary and secondary education.

PROGRAM MANAGEMENT for knowledge, skills and ability to design and conduct large-scale program evaluation projects. Have ability to interact with educational professionals and scholars, and to communicate effectively in English.


MARKETING CONSULTATION for strategic planning, brand development and implementation of internal or external communications, pre- and post-communication campaign research (in-person, Web-based, telephone, postal) and focus groups.

TRADITIONAL MEDIA DEVELOPMENT with creative direction, writing, design, printing and production services:

  • Print newspaper and magazine ads, brochures, annual reports, fliers, posters, newsletters
  • Audio radio, soundtrack development, pod casts
  • Video motion pictures and long videos, digital animation, post production, television and Internet (i.e., YouTube) commercials, Web casts
  • Outdoor Advertising displays, signs, billboards and panels, on or within transit vehicles or facilities (bus posters/benches) and education fair booths


NEW MEDIA DEVELOPMENT with creative direction, writing, design and publishing for Web media, Internet and e-mail advertising, and social media marketing (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-n, etc.).

INTERNET TECHNOLOGY (IT) Programming and data base services.

MEDIA BUYING planning and placement of advertising space on traditional and new media (banner and pay-per-click ads).

PUBLIC RELATIONS consultation, strategic and crisis planning, development of press/media kits, releases and announcements, organization and management of press conferences and editorial board presentations.

DIRECT RESPONSE ADVERTISING with creative direction, writing, design, postal e-mail Website list acquisitions, printing and distribution of promotion materials (letters, postcards, CDs/DVDs, quick response (QR) tags), for print, Web-based, broadcast and cable television.


GRANTS research for statistics, writing, editing, compiling and submitting federal, state, county and local grants as well as private foundation and corporate grants, ensuring strict adherence to guidelines. Experience with many federal agencies including USDA, HUD, Dept of Labor, Dept of Education, and Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration.

FUNDRAISING to identify untapped funding sources for organization sustainability.

PLANNING to create logic models and demonstrate outcomes for projects; management plans to outline activities and timeline and budgets.

FACILITATION of strategic planning meetings.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS CONSULTATION recruitment, development and board member training.