Soaring Hawk, PhD
Director Toltec Planning, Development & Evaluation

Director of Toltec PDE, Soaring Hawk holds a PhD in Educational Policy and Administration from the University of Minnesota, and an MS in Special Studies with an emphasis in Education and Human Relations.
His area of expertise is in the study of national education systems, including the design and implementation of longitudinal studies, analysis of large-scale data sets, design of longitudinal repetition and dropout models, and secondary data analysis. In addition, he has substantial experience in designing online evaluation systems for conducting program evaluation of federal and state funded education and public health contracts.

He has provided strategic planning and evaluation services to state, county, university, and non-profit organizations in the southwestern United States, Mexico, China and Kazakhstan, and has evaluated programs delivering family strengthening, substance abuse treatment and prevention, HIV/AIDS prevention, as well as K-12 and higher education programs.

He provides technical assistance (TA) to clients to conduct feasibility studies; delivers strategic planning seminars and retreats; and provides technical assistance to agencies to review and refine mission statements, develop quantifiable goals and performance indicators, and implement strategic plans.
He has conducted graduate level seminars on research methods at universities in the United States, China and Kazakhstan.